Mohamed Abdalla Otaybi

Mohamed Abdalla Otaybi was born in 1948 in Dewaim and now lives and works in Omdurman. He is a graphic designer, cartoonist and teacher, and one of the best-known contemporary artists in Sudan.

He has had exhibitions in different parts of the world and has been awarded a couple of awards in Kuwait and the Emirates. His use of vivid bright colours and the black outlining of his shapes and figures make his paintings stand out from those of other painters.

He has also illustrated two children’s storybooks, Sudanese Singers and Fatima Sugarcane, which have been published in both Arabic and French. He has par- ticipated in numerous exhibitions both personal and collective. His use of bright strong colours is superb and what makes his artwork stand out is the outlining around his shapes and figures.

Imago Mundi

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