Event 001

Thursday 30th March 2017 / 18:30-20:30
at P21 Gallery

‘Sudan, No Future Without Culture’
Artists and curator’s talk

A panel of artist and scholars will join the curator and discuss topics such as:

Sudan’s rich contemporary arts history: Nuba, Nubian, Christian and Islamic influences and motifs, calligraphic design and traditional folk.

How can Sudan develop a creative economy and emerge from the shadow of censorship and internal conflicts? Are private corporate sponsors for the arts the way forward?

What are the contribution and roles of Sudanese artists and intellectuals from the diaspora in shaping the Sudan contemporary art scene?

With curator Frédérique Cifuentes; Hiba Khidir director of Tabeldiya organisation, Nuba Mountains and Film director Taghreed Elsanhouri film director


Event 002

Thursday 6th April 2017 / 18:00-20:00
at P21 Gallery

Literature talk by Vivienne Glance about her collaborative work with Afeif Ismail

Vienne Glance about transcreating with Afeif Ismail

Transcreation is an artistic reworking of a literal translation that
aims to keep the cultural richness of the original language by working with the creator of the text.

Afeif Ismail is an internationally published award-winning poet and playwright. His works have been translated into German and Swedish.

Vivienne Glance is a writer and performer, working across media: poetry, performance, science, and written and spoken word.

With Vienne Glance; Afeif Ismail live skype session from Australia: Hiba Khidir, moderator


Event 003

Wednesday 12th April 2017 / 18:30-20:30
at P21 Gallery

Cinema in Sudan / Director: Hussein Shariffe
Film screening, Q&A with Hussein Shariffe’s daughters

The Dislocation of Amber
Year: 1975 / Runtime: 32 minutes
Language: Arabic / English subtitles

The “Dislocation of Amber” was filmed in the city of Suakin, a formerly flourishing port in Sudan. All those who have previously written on Suakin admitted to the complexity of the town as a subject. So intriguing is Suakin that not even the origin of its name is agreed upon. Its history is one of famine & opulence, devas- tation and progress, rich trade and damage, involving colonialism. What makes Suakin so abidingly memorable is its resilience, built through war and conquests; the historical town is a product of determination and competitiveness.

Tigers Are Better Looking
Year: 1979 / Runtime: 20 minutes / Language: English

About the Film: Tigers are Better Looking is an adap- tation of a short story by Jean Rhys. In the film, Sha- riffe directs his view towards exile in Europe, showing the wide disparity between North and South. The film contrasts two different civilisations, the homeland, Sudan, and the country of exile, Great Britain. Through poetic abstractions the director manages to portray the strong sense of exile and the longing for the homeland.


Event 004

Saturday 22nd April 2017 / 11:30 – 14:00 / £21,83
at P21 Gallery

The Sudanese Kitchen’ cooking masterclass
with Omer Eltigani

Join us for a special Sudanese cooking master class
with Omer Eltigani of Sudanese Kitchen.

Over the past couple of years Omar has been compiling delicious Sudanese recipes, facts and stories to aid cultural understanding of his all too often misjudged country, delving into its volatile past and speculating on an unpredictable future.

Showcasing a cuisine shaped by centuries of nomadic tribes spanning Northern and Western Africa as well as the Middle East, The Sudanese Kitchen profiles the fascinating culture and history behind Sudan’s dishes.

Event 005

Saturday 6th May 2017 / 12:00 – 16:00
at P21 Gallery

Closing event  / Short theatre performance, music and talks / Free
Curated by Moniem Ibrahim

12.30 – 13.00
‘Mustafa Sa’eed in Amsterdam’
Solo short theatre performance
15-20 minutes

Written and performed by Mohammed Terwis

The play is a comedy theatre solo about an actor from Sudan who applies for asylum status in Amsterdam. The story takes place in the Home Office in the Netherlands where the asylum seeker is interviewed about his journey and his motives to seek refuge in Europe. He is confronted with questions about his name, identity, religion and education.
The character inspiration for Terwis’ performance is Mustafa Sa’eed from the novel ‘Season of Migration to the North’ by Tayed Salih. Terwis’ character is also named Mustafa Sa’eed and he introduces the performance by questioning himself: “Am I an actor or am I an asylum seeker”? Before reaching Amsterdam the contemporary asylum seeker believed he would be treated as Mustafa Sa’eed in the UK during the nineteen-sixties where he was granted a scholarship at Oxford and became famous in the English literary and political circles. Tayed Salih also explored extensively Mustafa’s relationships with white women and how he attracts them by appealing to their Orientalist fantasies.

Mustafa, the asylum seeker soon found out he is not living the life of his hero and he is confronted to face his own life. The short play offers a reflection on dreams, expectations and disillusionment.

13.00 – 13.30
Q&A with Mohammed Terwis

13.30 – 15.00
‘Which essential elements formed Omdurman’s songs in central Sudan’?
Talk and short performances

by Sadig Shiakh Eldin Gibril

Sadig S. Gibril will deliver a reflection on Omdurman’s songs from a historical and musical perspective.
Sadig was born and raised in Sudan and now teaches lute and tours the world giving concerts. Sadig left his country in 1991 and relocated to Belgium where he achieved his Master in Arabic lute at the prestigious Lemmensinstituut (a Belgian conservatory of music in Leuven city). He taught at the same institute from 2008 till 2010. He is also teaching in several Academies in the Flemish side of Belgium, in Gent, Antwerp and Brussels.

He worked together with different artists and Ensembles such as Luis Marquiz, Jef Neven and Zifiro Torna. Sadig has now his own musical group, SADIG group.

15.00 – 15.30
Q&A with Sadig Shiakh Eldin Gibril

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